Black-eyed bean curry

The main ingredients to prepare Black-eyed beans curry is Yellow pumpkin & black-eyed bean. An excellent side dish that you can enjoy with rice. This dish is famous in Kerala and also called as mathanga-payar Olan. Black-eyed bean contains calcium folate, protein, fiber, and vitamin A, among other nutrients, with fewer calories making it one among the healthiest in the bean family.

  • Medium-sized Yellow Pumpkin
  • Black-eyed beans 1 cup
  • Green Chillies
  • Curry leaves
  • Coconut oil
  • Salt - to taste

  • Soak the Black-eyed beans in water for 5 hours
  • Cook the beans in a pressure cooker. 3-4 whistles should be good enough.
  • Cut the Yellow pumpkin in cubes and cook along with green chilies adding enough water, curry leaves, and salt.
  • Once Yellow pumpkin cubes get cooked, add the cooked black-eyed bean. Bring to a boil and make sure it is not watery and adjust the gravy according to your consistency.
  • Mash a few pieces of cooked yellow pumpkin, to make the curry thicker.
  • Add 2 – 3 tsp coconut oil, some more curry leaves, and remove from flame.
  • Mix well and serve hot.